Saturday, May 16, 2015

Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Straight Outta of Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria

Sticker Shock Pizza
Foldable N.Y.C. Slices
Worth the hefty price.

I like thin simple pizza so I’ve been enjoying the Neapolitan wave that has swept thru the city in the last few years.  Although I’m not in an exclusive relationship with the Neapolitan style, as long as it’s on a thin crust topped with quality toppings, I’m open to trying other varieties.  Enter Straight Outta of Brooklyn NYC Pizzeria. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Wu-Tang Clam Chowder, Jaws & YVR Baos from Bao Down

Clamshell Mantou stuffed
With tasty Asian fillings.
Good lunch at Bao Down.

It seems my prayers for more grab and go/quick lunch options in Gastown has been answered.  Bao Down is the latest eatery to open near my office that offers the opportunity to partake in a fast lunch.

Bao Down offers banh mi style sandwiches and an assortment of sides but the main draw is their baos.  The traditional Taiwanese Gua Bao is stuffed with braised pork belly, but the fillings at this Gastown spot strays a bit from the original and is more pan Asian West coast fusion (sounds about right for Vancouver).

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wow, You Got Something There! – Sliders, plus Golden Tater Tots

Not tiny sliders.
Varieties to choose from
Awesome tater tots.

Simply called Sliders, the restaurant is utterly devoted to selling those popular mini burgers.  It seems odd that it has taken so long for someone to do this since we have shops devoted to specific foodstuffs like ramen, donuts, crème brule, etc.

After sampling a lot of the menu, I liked my meals at Sliders.  Although, not every selection I tried was a winner but enough of them were.  The sides were also a huge selling point for me; they were prepared well, in particular the tater tots.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Tacos from Tacomio

O’ Tacomio,
Serves beautiful tacos for
Me to stuff my face.

This post is a bit old school.  I ended up visiting Tacomio 4 times since their opening. 

My first visit was their second day of existence and I simply wanted to see if it was worth my time to re-visit a few weeks later for a proper review.  Call it a scouting mission.  I saw potential and waited for the shop to adjust and sort itself out. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Re-Visit: Wow! An Oldie but a Goodie - Santouka

Toroniku is
Backbone of Santouka’s best
Ramen offering.

Five years. It’s a long time for a restaurant.  Remarkable considering how unique and expensive (well at the time) its ramen was when Santouka opened.  I assumed, with its anniversary approaching, the owners of Santouka wanted to spruce things up and shut down in November 2014 for renovations. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wow, You’ve Got Something There! – Better Pub Fare from The Abbey

Pub food made better.
Lighter, healthier, but still
Comfy at The Abbey.

The Abbey on West Pender touts itself as a progressive tavern.  I find this amusing since the name of the restaurant and its stain glass mimicking décor alludes to religious institutions that are often far from forward thinking.